Through neighborhood revitalization efforts, including new construction and historic preservation, we are "changing neighborhoods, one family at a time."





The Muncie Home Center program was first conceived in 1995 by the Muncie Urban Enterprise Association. The Home Center was designed to provide housing solutions to low-to-median income families, as well as to revitalize the industrial neighborhood near downtown Muncie, Indiana.

Many homes in the Industrial neighborhood had been abandoned, demolished, or had become unsafe properties. The Home Center acquires such properties, and constructs beautiful single-family dwellings.

Local Design and Construction

Homes built by the Muncie Homeownership program are designed by architect students at Ball State University, and EcoREHAB of Muncie, Inc.. The Muncie Area Career Center Building Trades Class builds one house annually. This project provides 'hands-on' training for the students of the Career Center.

Local and Federal Funding

The Muncie Home Center program is funded by local and federal programs. Locally, the City of Muncie Community Development program provides essential funding and oversight.

Nationally, the Muncie Home Center program also receives funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

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Voucher Choice Program

In 2005 Muncie Home ownership partnered with the Muncie Housing Authority to provide Home Ownership Opportunities to families in Public Housing and the MHA Section 8 Voucher Choice Program. This program allows participants the choice of either renting or purchasing a home with their Section 8 Voucher Certificate.

The Home Center offers Financial Literacy, Home Ownership Counseling, and Home Maintenance Classes and credit repair counseling, free of charge to the clientele of the Housing Authority.

Public Housing Authority Residents, as well as Section 8 Recipients may contact their local Housing Authority Case Worker for a Homeownership referral if they are interested in the opportunity of homeownership.

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Down Payment and Closing Costs

Individuals and families may be eligible to receive up to $5000 in down payment assistance, if they are income eligible, and purchase within the Muncie city limits.

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